Russian tourist in Turkey went down the subway and was shocked as if he was in 2001

A Russian tourist in Turkey went down the subway and was shocked as if he was in 2001< /p> “To be honest, I didn’t expect this at all from the capital of the great Turkish Republic,” a Russian traveler said with surprise from the pages of his blog in Zen when he descended into the Ankara metro.

He was amazed and compared the modern Turkish subway with 2001. “The main thing you need to know about the metro in Ankara. There is no internet, can you imagine?! And there is no voice mobile communication either. In short, there is nothing at all,” the author was indignant. – You can get a little book and read, as in your student years on the way from Schelkovskaya to Revolution Square in Moscow. This is a little unusual in today's 2023. Somehow it has already become common that, at least at the stations, communication catches stably. And it's very convenient. While you are driving, you finalize the route, study the information about the destination.”

The compatriot noted that he usually does not waste time when traveling in public transport: he uploads his posts to the channel or responds to comments from his subscribers. But here, in the Ankara metro, he had to just sit and think about the meaning of life, looking at the people around. He wondered: “Why are there often few people in the Ankara metro, while buses are famous for the flea market and queues at stops?” And he immediately found an answer for himself: perhaps people simply strive for light and the Internet.

However, one of the readers in the comments under the post explained that the point is security and the prevention of terrorist attacks, and not the “backwardness” of the capital . “It's the same in New York. In all the tunnels, the subway,” he said.

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