Russian tourist invited a Turk to visit for tea and almost burned with shame

Russian tourist invited a Turk to visit for tea and almost burned with shame

With a return visit to the Russian tourist home a Turk came for tea, but the girl almost burned with shame. Details about what actions should be avoided while drinking tea with the Turks, she told in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

The meeting between a Russian tourist and a Turkish couple took place in a Tyumen apartment. According to her, the home gatherings turned out to be spontaneous, since the weather did not favor long walks along the autumn Siberian streets. “If I had known how it would all end, I would have thought several times before serving the people of Turkey with my tea,” she said.

The first mistake of a Russian woman is to treat Turkish guests with a surrogate, i.e. tea bags. “In Russia, there is no obligatory tradition to brew tea leaves in a separate container, as is customary in Turkey. Everyone puts a bag in his cup and stands for the right time, depending on the desired strength. Now imagine the reaction of people who have a special two-story teapot at home designed for proper brewing, and many different types of tea. Of course, I caught myself a judgmental look mixed with resentment, they say, “why are you so cruel to us.” I had to explain that almost all of Russia drinks such tea here, ”the author reported about her first embarrassment.

The second mistake is to offer flavored tea. After studying the composition of tea with different flavors, the Turk issued: “Do you really think that this is tea and drink it?” According to the Russian woman, she never pays attention to the composition of tea, because. thinks it's not the most important. “It turns out that in my kit there were a lot of flavorings instead of natural herbs, which the Turks are so used to. They were overtaken by double chagrin from Russian hospitality,” the traveler shared.

The third mistake is tea glasses that are not suitable for a tea ceremony. Instead of narrow small cups, which are common in Turkey, the hostess brewed tea bags for them in low mugs, the design of which assumed the expansion of the vessel to the top, because. for a Russian woman, it is important that the boiling water cools down quickly.

The fourth mistake is to dilute hot tea with cold water. “After the repeated embarrassment that I had to endure during this evening, I am more confident that I took the next step: I diluted my hot tea with cold water and did not offer it to guests. “Elena, who drinks cold tea?” – Jaylan (a Turkish woman) commented with a sneer on my actions, studying tea pairs, ”said the blogger and cited a historical note in her defense that in Rus' they drank tea from flat saucers.

“After such tense meeting, we will have to organize another one to show the Turks a real Russian feast! ”, The tourist concluded, having learned that the Turks condemn the actions familiar to Russians with shame.

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