Russian tourist killed motorcyclist in Phuket

Russian tourist killed a motorcyclist in Phuket

On the Thai resort island of Phuket, they are investigating the circumstances of the accident, which was caused by a Russian tourist in a powerful black jeep. The accident killed a motorcyclist and damaged several other cars. At the moment, the main version of the cause of the accident is that the jeep was driving at too high a speed, disproportionate for this section of the road. And in many countries, such behavior is regarded as unintentional killing.

The details provided by the Thai media are as follows. The accident itself occurred on Wednesday, around 21:20 on Wednesday, December 28 at the Chalong intersection on Patak Street in the Chalong sub-district of Phuket. According to the information provided, a powerful black jeep, driven by a Russian tourist, crashed into a motorcyclist. The motorcycle driver died at the scene, and two other vehicles, a minibus and a taxi, were also damaged.

Thai police also note that the Russian, 51-year-old Igor Ch., “waited to surrender to the police at the scene, but refused to give details of the accident to the media.” However, it is already known that the police suggest – judging by the damage to the bumper and hood of the jeep, the tourist was driving at a very high speed. By the way, the Russian rented a car.

At the moment, the incident is being investigated. In particular, CCTV footage near the scene is being examined before charges are filed against a Russian suspect.

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