Russian tourist lived in Australia and understood why Russian women would be happy there

A Russian tourist lived in Australia and understood why Russian women would be happy there

A Russian tourist noticed that the longer she lives in Australia, the happier feeling. In her Zen channel, she told why other Russian women will feel good and comfortable in the country.

The first reason for the good mood of a Russian woman in Australia is sunny weather every day. Even if it is cloudy in the evening, in the morning the sky will definitely be clear, moreover, bright blue. This is a daily boost of vitamin D, which the body needs so much to stay positive. The woman notes that in Russia she often felt anxious and nervous, spending most of the year under gray skies.

The second reason is very high quality and natural products. You will not find Chinese plastic vegetables and fruits in Australian stores, seafood, excellent beef and chicken meat, grown not on chemistry, but on fresh grass, are available. At the same time, prices in supermarkets do not differ much from Russian ones.

The third reason is the lack of pretty girls. In Australia, there are more men than women, and it's much easier to find a guy. It is enough to go to a cafe, bar or gym. Sociable and kind local men themselves make contact and get to know each other. In a relationship, Australians do not require you to carry all the household chores, wash your socks and feed from a spoon. “And just try to say that this is not the case in Russia! Why is half the country henpecked, because everything rests on a Russian woman,” the Russian woman writes.

And another important advantage is the lack of pressure on a woman from society. In Australia, it is normal to give birth at 40, and no one will ask why at 25 there is no husband and children. When a woman does not face such stress and pressure, this has a positive effect on her health and mood.

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