Russian tourist lost 339,000 rubles in a Turkish taxi and was surprised

Russian tourist lost 339,000 rubles in a Turkish taxi and was surprised

An honest taxi driver from the resort province of Antalya in Turkey returned a large sum of money to a forgetful Russian tourist in different currencies – in ruble equivalent 339,000 rubles. The compatriot was extremely surprised and very happy about the integrity of the Turk. This was reported by the Turkish media.

After a night shift on October 24, Yusuf Ugur, a driver at Antalya airport, noticed a wallet under the seat of his car, inside of which there were 1,500 Turkish liras, 5,200 euros, 13,500 rubles, which is a total of converted for rubles amounted to 339,000 rubles. Among the cash in the wallet were also credit cards.

The honest man went to the local storage center at the taxi rank. After some time, a Russian citizen came to the center on a call and took his wallet. “The wallet belonged to a tourist of Russian nationality, I remembered it later. There is no camera in my car and I had no malicious intent, so I delivered the wallet to the taxi center. I would do the same again even if it was 100 million. We are not people who care about material things, we are brought up like that,” the taxi driver explained to local newspapers.

According to him, the Russian tourist was very surprised and delighted with the find. It remains unclear whether the compatriot gave something to the Turk as a reward or not.

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