Russian tourist made a brawl, smashing the hotel and hanging on the balcony

A Russian tourist made a brawl, smashing the hotel and hanging on the balcony

The Russian Guard had to calm down the uninvited guest in one of the hotels in Novorossiysk. As reported in the social network “Vkontakte” on the page of the department in the Krasnodar Territory, the Novorossiysk employees of the Russian Guard “stopped the inappropriate behavior” of the brawler who broke into the hotel.

The details are as follows: the law enforcement officers were called by the hotel workers with an alarm button. As it turned out, a drunken brawler burst into the hotel from the street. The man ran through the hotel lobby, went up to the third floor, broke the door of one of the rooms there and, at the time of the arrival of the National Guard, “dangerously leaned over the balcony railing.”

The brawler was not allowed to fall out of there. A detachment of the National Guard arrived promptly “brought the unknown person into the room, preventing him from falling from a height.” As law enforcement officers add, subsequently the brawler tried to escape and broke the glass of the front door of the hotel, as a result of which he injured his leg.

The Rosguards provided him with first aid, called the police and an ambulance to the scene. The man was handed over to the doctors.

Recall that recently a tourist in St. Petersburg distinguished herself with the same insane behavior. “Given” a resident of the city of Biysk (Altai Territory” staged a pogrom in a luxury hotel in St. Petersburg, a 5-star hotel “Palace Trezzini” on Universitetskaya embankment. “October 24 at 02:54 am to the operational control center of the department of private security in the Vasileostrovsky district of St. Petersburg, information was received that the alarm button went off at the hotel, located on Universitetskaya embankment, “the law enforcement officers said. The tourist quarreled with the administration and destroyed everything in her path, managing, among other things, to break several decorative plaster columns. The total amount The damage caused to the hotel amounted to approximately 250,000 rubles. The violent tourist was detained by law enforcement officers. For details, read at this link.

Our people are also violent abroad. In July, a violent tourist tried to solve the issue of lack of cash when he could an account in a go-go bar in Pattaya, where tourists come to watch striptease and not only. Denia, the man arrived earlier in the evening and drank several cocktails totaling 900 baht (more than 1,500 rubles). When the staff asked him to pay, he took out a bundle of banknotes from his pocket, mostly 20 baht (about 35 rubles), and tried to count the total amount – in total he had about 500 baht (850 rubles) with him. The staff insisted that he give the remaining 400 baht for drinking, after which the tourist decided to run away, but because he was too drunk, he broke the glass door and got into a fight with the guard. What happened to the tourist next – read in this material.

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