Russian tourist named 5 dishes in Italy, the combination of ingredients of which scared her

A Russian tourist named 5 dishes in Italy whose combination of ingredients scared her

Italy is a country not only of an unusual culture and unique architecture, but also legendary cuisine. But few people know that in this European country there are several very specific dishes and food combinations that are unique to Italy. A Russian traveler visited there and in her blog on Yandex.Zen she named five strange food combinations that first frightened her and then impressed her.

No wonder Italian restaurants are popular all over the world and in Russia in particular. However, Russians are mostly familiar with pizza, pasta, cheeses, appetizers, wines, deli meats and some desserts.

Firstly, this is pear juice with white wine. The compatriot noted that the locals really like this combination, because this drink is perfectly refreshing in the heat and turns the usual taste of wine into a lighter and fruity one. What's the recipe? The ideal proportion is 1 to 1, you need to mix two drinks and shake.

“At first glance, the ingredients seem incompatible, as does the very fact of mixing wine with other drinks, especially with sweet ones. But once you taste the taste, it’s impressive!?” — the traveler shared.

Secondly, basil flavored ice cream. Ice cream in Russia is always a sweet dessert, eaten with appropriate toppings such as chocolate chips, fruit, jam or vanilla. However, the Italians looked at the dish differently and added their favorite basil to the dessert, which they often use in pasta, salads and other hot dishes. Basil has taken root in an Italian dessert. “It tastes like chewing cold basil with milk. But it's refreshing in the heat. Purely Italian taste, there is still not enough parmesan sprinkles, ”the turboblogger described the taste.

Thirdly, truffle ice cream. An equally strange combination is ice cream + truffle. I mean the mushroom, not the candy. “At first, the mushroom taste in ice cream seems strange, but after a while it is delightful. Unusual, delicious, exotic,” she added.

Fourthly, a Nutella burger at McDonald’s. Surprisingly, Italians love Nutella and even learned how to cook sweet pizza with it, which is a real shock for some. “McDonald's has adapted its menu very well to Italy and introduced an exclusive position – a Nutella burger, which they call McCrunchy Bread con Nutella (pane e nutella),” the author said.

Fifth, instead of cucumber raw zucchini in the salad. Italians, unlike Russians, really like to eat raw zucchini. It is a popular ingredient in salads and appetizers, such as crostini, an Italian appetizer on small pieces of toasted bread.

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