Russian tourist revealed the difference in the marriage of Russians to Arabs and the marriage of Russians to Thais

Russian tourist revealed the difference in the marriage of Russian women to Arabs and the marriage of Russians to Thais

“Russian women are drawn to Arabs and Turks, and our men – to Thailand to the Thais. Why is this happening and what does it lead to, ”said a Russian traveler who has traveled to different countries of the world and now decided to identify the difference in interracial marriages.

On the pages of her blog in Yandex.Zen, the tourist drew attention to the fact that Russian women willingly leave for Turkey and Egypt as a wife, and at the same time they are not afraid that “the men of these countries are unbearable, they set their own conditions, for example, change the religious worldview, from Orthodoxy headlong into Islam.

There are a lot of such unions between a Russian girl and an Arab/Turk, the author noted. Each of the Russian women, being married, talks about unusual relationships, about the traditions of her husband's family, about her mother-in-law, culture and other areas of a new life for herself. “These stories all started the same way: she came to the resort, he worked in a hotel or restaurant as a waiter. They met, and then each begins their own courtship story. And Eastern men do it so well that Russian women lose their minds and fall in love, ”the tourist described the standard story of Russian women dating foreign men. Family life runs differently: someone rushes headlong back to their homeland, but there are those who live peacefully and happily in an interracial marriage.

In Thailand the situation is different. Tanned Thai girls with chic black hair, bronzed skin and short shorts are rushed by pale Russian, Ukrainian and, in general, European men. Local young ladies are not against such a union: wealthy pre-pensioners and pensioners keep their taeks. Men are also happy – the second youth.

“However, the nuances of family life with Thai women have recently become too much. It's no secret that “there” girls are hung on the neck of foreigners solely because of the money. And if our women endure the character of oriental men, then marriages with Thai women do not last long. In addition, local girls are proud to announce to their foreign boyfriend the profession of “priestess”, because in Thailand it is normal to do such things. And again, all for the sake of money.
Thai girls are prostituting, and local boys are not far away, change their sex, sew on their breasts, grow their hair and shave it in the wrong place – also because of easy money. This thirst to get rich in such mixed relationships becomes almost the main reason for the union. Therefore, they do not bring happiness. Thai people constantly demand full provision, both for themselves and for their relatives, ”the tourist compared and added that it can be difficult to stay in such artificial relationships for years, which are based on cynicism and physical pleasures.

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