Russian tourist revealed the realities of the MIR card in Turkey and is it possible to take rubles there

Russian tourist revealed the realities of the MIR card in Turkey and is it possible to take rubles there

Turkey adapted to Russian sanctions and expanded payment options for our tourists. Therefore, cards of the MIR payment system can be taken and even necessary, as well as ruble cash. In other words, dollars and Turkish liras are optional.

As the channel in the Yandex.Zen service said, the bank card of the Russian payment system MIR works in Turkey. “The only caveat is that in the store you came to, there should be terminals from Turkish banks Vakıfbank, Iş Bankası and Ziraat Bankası. Check in advance, before buying – is it possible to pay with “MIR”? There are several terminals at the cash desks in stores or in cafes or catering (for example, Burger King), ”the author warned.

Moreover, enterprising Turks are not ready to let a tourist go without a purchase, having learned that the client has a bank card, but no cash. They may offer to go to a neighbor who has a Ziraat terminal installed and make a purchase through his terminal. The customer will leave with the goods, and the local merchants will settle among themselves.

“By the way, there are practically no “MIR” stickers at the entrance to the store, so you ask! Ask right away! In Antalya, all Waikiki stores have such terminals. This is what a customer-centric business means!” the tourist advised.

On the other hand, those who do not want to take risks and hope for good old cash can stock up on Russian national currency before traveling to Turkish resorts. At the Antalya airport, an exchange is available at a “decent” rate: 1TL = 6.4₽. In addition, it is possible to exchange money at some hotels. There, the average exchange rate is 1TL = 8.4₽.

To the question: “Are cash withdrawn from the MIR card?” the author and the Russian tourists who returned from Turkey answered in the affirmative. True, the rate may be higher, but it depends on the bank that issued the card. “It is profitable to withdraw large amounts from Tinkoff MIR – the equivalent of 3,000 rubles and more, there will be no commission. Cash withdrawal rate 1 TL = 5.6-8.5₽. Conclusion – do not withdraw small amounts. Start with about 550 TL,” she concluded.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “It became known which countries Russian tourists fly to with money after February 24.”

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