Russian tourist says things are getting tense in Istanbul

A Russian tourist reported that things are getting tense in Istanbul

“Something has become uncomfortable in Istanbul. Some tension is felt right in the air, ”a domestic traveler resting in the Turkish resort capital was worried. He spoke about his impressions of visiting the city against the backdrop of the presidential elections in the Zen channel.

He noted that it is becoming very difficult to feel comfortable in Istanbul, as there are police officers with machine guns at the intersections. The compatriot suggested that such an oppressive situation could last until the presidential elections scheduled for May 28.

The author of the message indicated that all the main squares are currently under the supervision and control of law enforcement officers. Even at less busy intersections, you can meet a lone armed policeman – this is how the city authorities take precautions to prevent provocations and unrest in the tourist city. “When you see one policeman with a machine gun, it is surprising, but when today I met more than a dozen machine gunners at a distance of a meter, disturbing thoughts begin to creep into my head,” the compatriot said and added that at present the situation in Istanbul remains calm, however, the situation can change at any time, and you need to be prepared for this.

Recall that there is still a week left before the elections in the republic. The upcoming event is an important political moment for Turkey, determining the future of the country and tourism in the coming years. Thus, the Turkish presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu, who was supported by 54.47% of Russian Turks and the majority of voters in the tourist regions of the republic, accused his rival Erdogan of causing 10 million refugees to live in the country because of him. In the event of his victory, the oppositionist threatened to expel them to their homeland. Erdogan, in turn, promised not to expel refugees if he was re-elected.

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