Russian tourist told what is better not to do in Dagestan

Russian tourist told what not to do in Dagestan

Every nation, including those within Russia, has its own customs and norms of behavior that visitors need to know and respect in order to avoid problems. A Russian tourist told in his Zen channel what is better not to do in Dagestan.

Traditional Muslim society in Dagestan may not understand and condemn some things that seem ordinary and familiar in other regions of Russia. Therefore, tourists are not recommended to:

  1. Drink alcoholic beverages in public places. If you do not attract too much attention, in some cafes and restaurants you can bring and drink your own. However, in general, Dagestan has a negative attitude towards alcohol, and appearing drunk on the street is completely indecent.
  2. Women should smoke. There is no such ban for men, but girls, including tourists, may well be reprimanded on the street. To avoid scandals, women who smoke need to look for secluded corners.
  3. Swear obscenities, especially in the presence of older women and children.
  4. Attract attention with their unusual appearance. Locals will not appreciate frilly clothes and hair, bright hair color, tattoos and piercings.
  5. Publicly show feelings. Young people should not hug, kiss or even hold hands on the street while relaxing in Dagestan.

Of course, violation of any of the above rules will not lead to problems in 100% of cases. However, the people of Dagestan, despite all their hospitality, are not ready to put up with disrespect for their culture and the pretentious behavior of tourists.

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