Russian tourist understands why now Russians have begun to choose Sochi, not Turkey

Russian tourist understood why now Russians have started to choose Sochi and not Turkey

The Russians for their holidays began to massively choose trips to Sochi, and not to Turkey. This is due to several reasons at once: for example, the possibility of a cheap and long vacation by the sea and several others. Information about the tourist trend in 2023 was provided by the channel of the Russian tourist in Zen.

According to the author, the first factor that currently affects the choice of a domestic resort is the cost and length of stay

em>. “Tours to Turkey have risen in price in all directions, and the February earthquakes also have an effect. Hotels need to attract tourists, but the cost of products and services has risen in price within the Turkish country,” the author concluded. This year, accommodation and air tickets to the republic have risen in price significantly, while you can fly to Sochi for 7,000-8,000 thousand rubles. one way and find affordable accommodation in the central area of ​​the city. For example, a two-room apartment will cost tourists 3,500 rubles. per day of stay. The author also pointed out that compatriots, like himself, prefer to go on vacation for a longer period than to a Turkish hotel as part of a short tour: instead of 10 days, 23-25 ​​days at once. For a vacation lasting three or more weeks – this is only in Sochi.

The second factor was food and services. Despite the fact that in Turkish hotels you can “eat up to satiety”, the author and his family prefer not to fill their stomachs with everything that is included in the all inclusive, but prefer vegetables and fruits. In addition, the Russian pearl of the Black Sea attracts with the opportunity to cook food in the apartment, while Turkish beach hotels exclude this possibility, as well as buy drinks and snacks on the beach as needed.

The third factor in favor of the resort in the Kuban is an opportunity to work remotely. A Russian tourist claims that it is possible to work in a Russian resort even on the beach thanks to the free internet, which is available everywhere. “The Internet is free everywhere, there is no roaming either. For me, this is a definite plus, ”he argued. In the republic, in his opinion, you need to be “tied” to the territory of the hotel in order to enter the network.

However, despite all of the above reasons for relaxing on the domestic coast of the Black Sea, the author noted that if you plan a beach vacation for 10 days, then it’s better to go to Turkey anyway, because. the level of service and recreation is still higher there, but the Russian south is suitable for a longer stay and remote work.

At the same time, during the presentation of the concept of the summer season on April 29 in Sochi, they gave a forecast for the tourist flow for the summer 2023. It is expected that the resort city will receive about 4.5 million tourists. However, with the approach of the peak season, the tourism business can increase the cost of the holiday. As Aleksan Mkrtchyan, vice-president of the Alliance of Travel Agencies of Russia, explained on the air on Radio 1 on May 11, prices can immediately rise by 30-40%. This is due to the growing popularity of the city, which remains the only resort on the Black Sea with a working airport.

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