Russian tourist understood why Australians drink rum and beer, and their life expectancy is longer than that of Russians

Russian tourist understood why Australians drink rum and beer, and life expectancy they have longer than the Russians

A domestic tourist, traveling around Australia, plunged into the study of why the life expectancy of Australians is longer than our fellow citizens, despite the former's passion for drinking rum and beer. She reached out to the older generation in the mainland and heard some interesting arguments from them.

“Life expectancy in Russia is 72.4 years, and in Australia it is 82.9 years. Why is it that Australians are long-lived?” the girl asked in her channel on the Zen platform. The compatriot was pleasantly surprised by how easily the 70-year-old interlocutors talked with her about the reasons for a long life and shared their thoughts with pleasure. So, one local grandmother shared that her secret lies in her attitude towards life. “No nerves, just fun!” — said the interlocutor. As it turned out, the population prefers to live for their own pleasure.

It is interesting to note that there were no global military conflicts on the mainland, which greatly affected the physical and mental health of the local population. This means that they did not face mental stress and hunger, which had a positive effect on their overall health.

An important factor is also the availability of marine exotics: people there live on the coast all their lives. The climate of the mainland is conducive to a healthy life, and Australians rarely experience stress and nervousness. During the dialogue with different people, even strangers, the author noticed that they have a positive attitude. They share their optimism and strive to think positive, help and suggest in any situation. In their natural state, locals easily solve life's problems and cope with anxiety.

They are also responsible for road safety. They strictly follow the rules of the road and observe speed limits. “Also, Australia has a very high quality of road infrastructure. There are clear markings on the roads, safety islands, pedestrian crossings are made in the form of a dotted line so as not to distract the driver once again, ”the traveler specified.

However, in this oasis of life, the author nevertheless found a serious problem – obesity. Despite the fact that many people go in for sports, surfing or cycling, few people have a toned physical shape. In this country, it is very difficult to maintain a balance between enjoying delicious food and the need to control your weight, the tourist claims. Australians perceive food as a source of pleasure and enjoyment, so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly difficult for them.

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