Russian tourist understood why Russian mothers with small children on the streets of Malaysia would be uncomfortable

Russian tourist realized why Russian mothers with small children would be uncomfortable on the streets of Malaysia

Russian mothers who decide to come to Malaysia with small children will definitely feel uncomfortable there on the streets. A domestic traveler who went to this Asian country is sure of this. Discomfort and an increased risk of danger are associated with the habit of compatriots walking on the streets with strollers, which are not found in Malaysia.

There are no mothers with strollers in this tropical country, as well as specialized stores selling devices for transporting babies. “The locals simply don't use them even in public places, in food markets, on walking streets, in parks, near houses… How do adults manage without strollers? Babies are carried around here. That's what most do. There are dads who carry children on their chests in a special backpack. A very convenient thing, but, again, only a few use it. People categorically do not need children's transport. And there are few pedestrians here,” the traveler shared her observation on her blog on Yandex.Zen.

As it turned out, scooters, not cars, are mainly for transporting children, since the latter are a luxury in an Asian country. “On them (scooters), the Malays often “drive” the whole family, with a baby in their arms, 4-5 people on one scooter. A masterpiece,” the author was surprised. At the same time, she assured that it is not customary to talk about safety on the roads there, “everyone somehow drives, trusting fate.” The rest, mostly pensioners, mostly use bicycles for transportation.

“Only vagrants go on foot. Everyone else on their own car or on a scooter. Therefore, local people do not need wheelchairs. And really, why are they here? The Malays never walk, that's the way we do, to every day, several kilometers. Moms do not walk with children, they often sit on the street or at home. If you go somewhere, then only by car. It’s normal for them to come to the park by car and spend some time there,” she added.

At the same time, the girl noted that in one year of wandering around such countries as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, Indonesia, I have never seen mothers walking on the street with a baby stroller, as is customary in Russia.

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