Russian tourist understood why you shouldn't get involved in Bali with local girls

Russian tourists understand why they shouldn't get involved in Bali with local girls

Russian tourists love Bali for low housing prices, affordable motorbikes and a variety of entertainment. The charm of the island also contributes to the romantic mood, and some travelers are eager to meet local girls. Why you should not get involved in this and start a serious relationship, the Russian told in his Zen channel.

Local girls in Bali with their black hair, unusual eyes and chocolate skin tone look exotic and attractive to Russian tourists. And the beauties themselves are not against dating foreigners. However, according to the Russian, this is where the magic ends, since living with Indonesians is unbearable. And it's not even a matter of cultural differences or mentality differences.

Girls in Bali in foreigners are attracted exclusively by money. Local residents are quite poor and forced to work hard for low wages. Therefore, a man from another country becomes for the girl the “key” to a new life, wealth and luxury, a way to get out of poverty and go abroad. Sincere and deep relationships are impossible in such an alliance.

On the example of his acquaintances, the Russian saw how Indonesian girls very quickly sit on the guys' necks, begging for money and showing only exactingness instead of respect. Of course, a man should help financially and the whole family of his beloved. After all, if a person can afford to travel, then he is rich. This is how it is customary to think on the island.

The Russian notes that many times he saw the example of his friends how the guys fell into the trap of a tanned brunette, but in none of the cases did the relationship lead to anything good. And now most of the bachelors of his circle do not want to mess with Indonesians. Instead, a Russian tourist recommends meeting Australian, American or European women in Bali.

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