Russian tourist unexpectedly found in India a means to lose weight

A Russian tourist unexpectedly found a means to lose weight in India

A reliable way to noticeably lose weight and completely change your life, a Russian traveler found in India. We are talking about yoga classes surrounded by professional masters. The author witnessed the transformation of a tourist: in 10 days she easily got rid of 10 kg of weight. The author shared his observations on the Yandex.Zen service blog.

The traveler noted that a large number of Russians go to comprehend the secrets of yoga. This is how he described the Indian practitioner: “He is 30 years old, but he bends like plasticine … Either he sits on a transverse twine, on his right or left leg, then he stands on the bridge, then he throws his legs over his shoulders, then he arches so that from the first You can't see how he did it. And a lot of other acrobatic abilities that each of us can do … he himself lives on the donations of those Indians to whom he gladly passes on his experience.

The guest was offered to do yoga twice a day: at 6:30 in the morning and at 18:00 in the evening. At about the same time, other tourists were also engaged. Among them was an Indian traveler who came specially to the master to lose those extra pounds. “We studied at dawn and at sunset – very atmospheric, but most importantly – productive. The woman is very happy, because for a long time she could not solve the problem of being overweight,” the author said.

For many of our compatriots, yoga is a set of strange exercises, while in fact it is a whole complex of elements that develop flexibility of the body, and a way to find peace and a positive state of mind. According to the blogger, from the first lesson, each person is able to master the proposed program. Among the exercises, there are those that are suitable for beginners, “for those who are as clumsy as the majority of the Russian population.”

Regular exercise leads to the fact that the body begins to feel better every day. The Russians noted the following advantages of training:

  1. “… it has a positive effect on the whole body, as well as on the psychological state. In such a nervous world in which Russians live, yoga is not just necessary. She will save our little world! And these are not fairy tales, this is reality, it remains only to start! ”
  2. Helps to solve problems with the spine.
  3. Improves hormonal levels.
  4. due to the fact that yoga “helps to find balance, saturates the body with oxygen, gives a clear idea when the body really wants to eat.”
  5. Asanas help to solve problems with the heart, breathing.
  6. Improves the work of immunity.

On the first day you can feel the result, the young man said and urged everyone to join the ranks of beginners.

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