Russian tourist unexpectedly found out why fat women are very fond of in Turkey

A Russian tourist unexpectedly found out why fat women are very fond of in Turkey

There are many women with magnificent forms in Turkey, while they are not ashamed of their appearance, they believe themselves attractive, and the Turks are crazy about them. Three reasons why female overweight is so popular in a beach country was named by a Russian tourist in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

“An amazing fact: there are a lot of overweight women in Turkey, men are simply crazy about them. It is the curvaceous ladies in the eyes of the Turks who are the most beautiful and attractive, and the women themselves are not ashamed of being overweight and wearing XXL sizes. On the contrary, they are proud of their appearance and never refuse food,” said a compatriot.

First reason: anti-world trend

In Russia, as in many countries of Europe and Asia, girls are concerned about constant weight loss and a decrease in their size. For this, everything is used: diets, drugs, gels, fitness marathons. At the same time, the author noted, Turkish women eat their sides with pleasure and do not worry about their “appetizing” forms. “Contrary to the general fashion for thinness, Turkey has its own trends, where plump girls are favorites … it is fashionable for Turks to be plump,” she explained.

At the same time, women in the body are not shy about open and tight-fitting outfits. The main thing for them is to highlight the waist so that the figure resembles an hourglass: in the world such a figure is the standard of femininity and beauty. However, Turkey has its own interpretation: the larger the proportion, the better.

The second reason: excess kilograms is a sign of women's health

The tourist said that Turkish men consider the presence of extra pounds in a woman a sign of health and potential fertility. “It is very important for them that the future wife can give children. Thinness for them is a sign of illness, they consider protruding bones and the absence of fat on the body to be painful and unattractive, respectively, ”the turboblogger clarified.

Excessive thinness leads the Turks to the idea that girls are malnourished, do not receive the necessary nutrients, which means that there is a high chance that pregnancy will not occur. “A girl who does not have a sufficiently wide pelvis, in their opinion, will not be able to give birth to a child. These are their beliefs that have been passed down for many generations in a row,” the Russian woman added.

Third reason: a plump woman is bright and temperamental

“Despite the popular belief that Turkish women are soft and accommodating housewives, in fact, this is not the case. Turkish women are very strong and domineering, which makes the Turks crazy. On the other hand, Turkish women are very self-confident, they have high self-esteem and consider themselves the most beautiful, and therefore they make high demands on men and do not want to get married as soon as possible, ”a compatriot explained.

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