Russian tourist unexpectedly revealed 8 rules of life of a Turkish man that contradict Turkish TV series

A Russian tourist unexpectedly revealed 8 rules of a Turkish man's life that contradict Turkish TV series

The image of a Turkish man from popular Turkish TV series is significantly different from the real one. Eight rules of life for a Turk were unexpectedly revealed by a Russian traveler. Let's list them all.

“The more popular Turkish TV series are in the world, the more women from different parts of the world dream of finding their Sultan Suleiman – a hot handsome man who is ready from morning to evening to sing odes to the beauty of his beloved, shower her with expensive gifts, and in general fulfill any whim – even a star with to get the sky, even to take an impregnable fortress by storm. The trouble is that real Turks have nothing in common with serials, and in their lives they are guided by completely different rules, ”the traveler explained in her Yandex.Zen blog.

They monitor their appearance

According to her, Turkish men have a bright and memorable appearance, which they emphasize in every possible way. “They take care of themselves in a way that Turkish women never dreamed of. Hairstyle, mustache, beard – everything is in the latest fashion, ”the author wrote and added that the favorite meeting place for Turkish men is local hairdressers (locally – kuaför) , which are equipped as a men's club for gatherings where you can discuss news, drink tea and clean up.

They love to gossip

“Wash the bones when you meet everyone you know and don’t know – you think it’s only about women ? If we are talking about Turkey, then no. Men here like to gossip no less,” the blogger noted.

The main woman of any Turkish man is his mother

In the presence of his own mother, a Turkish man, as from “a stern tiger, turns into an affectionate helpless kitten, ready to run after her at the first call and fulfill all her conceivable and unthinkable requests.” The author added that it is pointless to fight this.

The most valuable thing for a Turk is his family

Turkish families are usually large, so the concept of “family” includes not only the wife and children, but also parents, as well as numerous brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents. It is important for a Turkish man to maintain warm relations with them.

Turkish men know how to impress women

The Russian woman noted that local men are masters of courtship. “They shower compliments, willingly give flowers, take their chosen ones to restaurants, promise to get married almost from the first meeting … But, alas, if you are not a Turkish woman, the Turks will most likely forget to fulfill their promise. As a last resort, postpone until better times,” she warned.

Love for all kinds of adventures that promise instant wealth

According to the tourist, all Turks dream of getting rich and do not mind if it happens quickly. Because of their blind desire, they often get involved in dubious cases, risk their own and entrusted money, buy lottery tickets, gamble in anticipation of a big jackpot.

Everything is already a foregone conclusion

At the same time, they believe that everything has already been decided for them. And, as a compatriot said, this is the main problem in relations with Turkish men. The fatalism of the Turks hinders the development of business and personal ties: “The locals are convinced that Allah is writing the book of their lives in heaven. “His will will be – everything will happen by itself. If it doesn't happen, then it's not destiny. And therefore, you should not strain yourself.

Builds his life based on the norms of religion

The previous rule of life is closely related to the fact that even if a Turkish man gives the impression of a secular person and goes to a nightclub instead of a mosque, this does not mean that he does not follow Muslim standards. “Religion for most Turks is not just the performance of some rituals. This is their worldview and the basis of social and family behavior,” the author concluded.

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