Russian tourist visited Turkey and recommended “state restaurants” to everyone

Russian tourist visited Turkey and recommended &laquo ;government restaurants»

“State restaurants” in Turkey were recommended to tourists in her blog on Yandex.Zen by a tourist who visited Turkey. It turns out that there really is a type of state-owned and operated restaurant in Turkey. Moreover, according to her, they combine two main advantages – good prices and places where they are located.

“Have you heard about “state restaurants” in Turkey? It sounds doubtful, but in fact it is now almost the best establishments for tourists. And the prices are good, and the service is at the level, and most importantly, the places where they are located could bring huge profits to more commercial establishments, but they are given specifically for budget taverns,” the blogger explained.

For tourists, she gave the places where these restaurants can be found in Antalya, as well as how they can be identified. According to her, the main state restaurant is located in the old town of Kaleichi, or rather above it. “It is located in the best viewpoint, right at the stop of the old tram and the Grand Bazaar (where there is a square with a monument and an observation deck on the pier). The prices are democratic, the service is good, and the views are just a fairy tale,” the blogger assured. There are also such establishments in almost all major tourist places, including Konyaalti Beach and Duden Waterfall. In general, public restaurants in Turkey can be identified by the inscriptions “Anet” or “büyükşehir belediyesi”.

In addition, the blogger also cited average prices – a “set” of coffee with dessert or coffee with lemonade – 45- 50 lira, i.e. plus or minus 200 rubles, gozleme cakes – 40-45 lira, omelettes – from 30 lira. True, as tourists add in the comments, there are not always places in state-owned restaurants; some complain about the quality of food.

At the same time, we recall that restaurants and hotels “top” the list of industries in Turkey with the highest inflation. Here the rise in prices amounted to almost 71%. It was they who led the group with the largest price increase in March compared to the same month of the previous year, namely restaurants and hotels with a figure of 70.73%. At the same time, by the last month, hotels and restaurants have risen in price by 3.85%. By December last year, growth was almost 22%. And the 12-month average stays at 76%. Read the details at this link.

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