Russian tourist was gang raped in a hotel room in Goa

Russian tourist gang raped in hotel room in Goa

Indian police arrested two 29-year-old men on charges of gang raping a Russian tourist right in a hotel room in the famous resort of Goa . This was reported by the local edition of The Goan.

The incident occurred on December 2, when a 37-year-old woman was relaxing in her hotel room in the resort town of Calangute. It is known that she arrived on vacation the day before the incident. I spent this time with family and friends, went on an excursion, and then returned to the hotel, drank alcohol and went to bed. This was taken advantage of by a hotel employee. He secretly entered her room and raped the woman. The second employee wanted to do the same, but the woman screamed and called for help. Both attackers are from Nepal.

“The accused, hired as a hotel employee, raped a woman. We arrested both defendants after receiving a complaint from the victim,” the policeman said.

Sources said the defendants confessed to the crime, although they had previously given up their role in the case. “They were called to the police station for an investigation. Initially, they denied that they had raped the tourist, but after lengthy interrogations, they “broke down”, confessing to the crime,” a police officer shared the details of what happened.

Lawyer Vikram Varma, an employee of the Russian consulate in Goa, praised the police's quick action to bring the perpetrator to justice. “The excellent reputation of India as a tourist destination did not give the victim a reason to think that something would happen to her. I hope she can recover from this terrible injury. However, I must mention that the brilliant work done by the Goan Police under the leadership of North Nidhin Walsan and Kalangute Dattaguru Savant resulted in the solution of this case in just a few hours. My sincere congratulations to the team,” he said.

India is the leader in the list of countries that are the most unfriendly to women. This conclusion was made in 2018 by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, after conducting a study. According to him, there is a high risk of sexual violence and slave labor in this country. In the Asian state, frequent cases of dousing with acid are known, operations are performed that mutilate female genital organs, and marriages with minors are not uncommon. Since then, little has changed.

At the same time, this year India entered the top 3 destinations that Russian tourists chose for wintering – details here.

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