Russian tourist was not allowed into Germany: the iron curtain is lowered lower and lower

Russian tourist was not allowed into Germany: the iron curtain is lowered lower and lower

Another scandal with a Russian tourist who was not allowed on a transit flight through Germany was reported in Telegram. According to the data presented, the Russian citizen was in transit along the Astana-Frankfurt-Belgrade route. At the same time, in Frankfurt, the tourist was only waiting for a transfer through the transit zone, so he did not even have a Schengen visa to cross the border, because it was not necessary.

Despite this, AirAstana refused to check him in for such a flight, referring to the refusal received from the “German migration service”, despite the fact that the passenger could not and did not intend to cross the country's border, since he did not have a Schengen and was transiting to visa-free country.

Only after the scandal, the air carrier took pity on the tourist and promised to provide a similar route, but through Istanbul. “The case is strange, since Germany did not officially prohibit the transit of Russian citizens through its territory and the borders of Germany are open for Russian citizens, there are no massive restrictions,” the authors of the channel assure.

Recall that Germany has not officially announced complete closure from Russian tourists, as some other previously popular countries did. In particular, the Czech Republic was closed for Russian tourists in October. The country's authorities have said that Russian citizens will not be allowed to enter the Czech Republic on Schengen tourist visas issued by any EU country. Read the details at this link.

A month later, Finland followed suit. The country was closed to Russian tourists for an indefinite period. This statement was made by President Sauli Niinistö in a conversation with his Baltic colleagues. Russians are allowed to enter in limited numbers and only for “humanitarian reasons”. Read more here.

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