Russian tourist who fell into a coma in Bali, the authorities refuse to help

The authorities refuse to help a Russian tourist who fell into a coma in Bali

In Indonesia, the authorities refused to help a Russian tourist who fell into a coma in Bali. The Russian embassy has begun organizing the medical transportation of the patient, but the process is dragging on. Details were reported by RIA Novosti with reference to her son.

As the publication explained, last year, in the summer, a woman went to a paradise island from Novosibirsk in order to rehabilitate after a coronavirus transferred in a hospital. Then in November there was an attack, local doctors recommended waiting for time and not flying yet, so as not to expose the body to risks. The compatriot planned a flight to Russia for January, but could not, because. she had a stroke and fell into a coma. The situation was complicated by overdue medical insurance that would have covered the treatment. Now, for each day of the patient's stay, the hospital requires payments from the family in the amount of 200-300 thousand rubles.

“The Indonesian authorities refused to provide us with any assistance. Absolutely. They wrote that these are our problems, they say, do what you want yourself, ”said the son of the Russian woman. There were difficulties in communicating with doctors. Her husband is on duty near the woman, while he is trying to keep the situation under control. “Communication with local doctors is a huge problem and the only reason why my father is now renewing his visa and returning back to his mother in Indonesia. He has to ask local doctors for all the certificates and send them to us, in Novosibirsk, so that our doctors can already make a diagnosis, ”the source said.

Based on the son's comment, the forecasts are disappointing. Urgent transportation of a tourist to Russia is necessary, because. the actions of Indonesian doctors are ineffective. “The father has to stand over their souls. Let's say he sees that his mother's blood pressure has jumped to 190, and sounds the alarm. And they just nod to him and say, they say, okay, everyone is “believe the good”. Then dad starts to protest – and only after that at least some actions are taken to help mom. Yes, if he had not been on duty there, perhaps we would not have needed the flight at all – there would have been no one to transport, ”he remarked bitterly.

It turned out that the Russian family in Bali had already become famous, because. Before the stroke, the traveler helped the locals, gave massages to the sick and people with disabilities – she has a medical education. Now the locals are trying to thank her and help in any way they can. However, only 30,000 rubles were managed, which is very small compared to the amount of debt, which has already reached several million rubles and continues to grow every day. The woman will not be released from the country until the invoice is paid. And this is in addition to the fact that air transportation to Russia itself costs a lot of money.

Meanwhile, the Russian embassy in Jakarta told the agency that its representatives are aware of the situation and communicate with the relatives of the traveler, taking measures for medical evacuation to the homeland. According to the head of the consular department, Nikita Ivanov, “diplomats will assist the All-Russian Center for Disaster Medicine in obtaining documents from the local hospital and other departments related to the organization of the flight from Russia to Bali.” At the same time, resolving issues with the domestic insurance company is not within the competence of the department, the official warned.

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