Russian tourists allowed to travel to Finland and Estonia

Russian tourists were allowed to travel to Finland and Estonia

The removal of covid restrictions by the Operational Headquarters of the Russian Federation led to the free release of Russian tourists to some countries previously closed to tourism, including by land. First of all, we are talking about Finland and Estonia bordering Russia. This information was published by ATOR.

Recall, according to the official statement of the Operational Headquarters (details here), all covid restrictions on Russian borders are removed from July 15. As officially confirmed to ATOR representatives in the department, this means that Russian tourists from July 15 will be able to travel across the land border to any country. Note that permission for air entry was given back on June 14, but for some countries the land border is also relevant – especially in the context of air sanctions.

For example, tourists were not allowed to enter Finland or Estonia from the Russian side before – they were required ” special reasons”, such as property ownership or medical tourism. Note that, for their part, both Finland and Estonia have fully opened their borders and lifted covid bans. Now it will be possible to get to them by car for tourist purposes.

Also, by the way, travel to such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Poland is theoretically open. However, most of them do not let Russians in for political reasons. It is also impossible to exchange tourists on land with China, which is still closed for covid.

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