Russian tourists are divided into three parts: each of them will meet the New Year in their own way

Russian tourists are divided into three parts: each of them will celebrate the New Year in its own way

Approximately 30% of Russian tourists have already decided on their holiday preferences for the New Year. Moreover, all those who decided were divided into three almost equal parts, each of which will meet the holiday in its own way. This assessment of the situation was voiced in an interview with by the vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT) Yuri Barzykin. Judging by his words, we are talking about tourists on domestic Russian routes, who approximately equally “distributed” ski, seaside and sightseeing tours.

So, according to him, about a third of Russian domestic tourists who have already decided will go to ski resorts. “In Krasnaya Polyana there are already up to 50% of booked hotel rooms. The same is in the Sheregesh ski resort. Some hotels are completely sold out. Ski resorts in the Elbrus region, Dombay, Arkhyz are actively booked,” the expert said.

The largest group – up to 40% of those who have decided – will choose “medical and health or ecological tourism” in health resorts and sanatorium-resort institutions, which offer packages of five and ten days of wellness holidays for the New Year holidays. In many cases, these are the seaside resorts of the Russian Black Sea coast, which also receive guests during the winter period.

The third segment is excursion. In it, Mr. Barzykin named the following directions – this is such a well-known brand as the “Father Frost Train” to Veliky Ustyug, as well as routes to St. Petersburg and Karelia.

At the same time, according to the expert, there is demand – and Moreover, it has grown. By early November, bookings are up 5 to 20% from last year.

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