Russian tourists are now waiting for Goa: India has simplified the rules of entry

Russian tourists are now expected in Goa: India has simplified the rules of entry

From Tuesday, November 22, to enter the Indian resort of Goa and India in general, Russian tourists will have fewer obstacles: the country's authorities have canceled most of the “covid” requirements for entering foreigners. Among other things, tourists will not have to fill out various forms, and they are already free from annoying masks.

“Previously, tourists were required to fill out a special Air Suvidha form when checking in for a flight. The form required the number of vaccinations given and caused many problems. From Tuesday, filling out this form is optional,” according to the Times of India.

Tourists are also spared the mandatory mask regime – previously, wearing masks was required on all domestic and international flights. The main thing is that tourists do not risk a fine for their absence, although their wearing is still recommended – as well as vaccination.

Only tourists with signs of colds remain at risk. They can be isolated during the flight.

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