Russian tourists began to be evicted from hotels in Europe

Russian tourists began to be evicted from hotels in Europe

The absence of Russian tourists in Europe is considered one of the factors of the financial “failure” of the tourism sector. However, in reality, Russian tourists who managed to get into this very Europe continue to run into open Russophobia. One of the egregious cases recently occurred in Hungary, in the city of Miskolc. A couple of Russians were forcibly evicted from the hotel after learning about their nationality. At the same time, tourists now blame the system, at least indirectly.

As the victims told Turprom, a couple of Russian tourists returning by car from Bulgaria booked the Premier Hotel Miskols at Booking, successfully checked in there, unpacked their things and even took a shower. As they say, “nothing foreshadowed” … “At 21:00, the manager called us and demanded that we “with things to go out,” the indignant tourists said. The tourists did not bring the matter to a scandal with the manager and left the hotel, finding shelter on the same street.

Tentatively, the reason for the eviction is “political”: the owner of the hotel is Ukrainian and “an active nationalist”, as travelers said. At the moment, tourists have left a complaint about the hotel on Booking. The experts explained to the tourists that if the hotel is certified, then the management does not have the right to such excesses, and they have every reason to send a complaint to both the Hungarian Ministry of Tourism and Note that the authorities of this country, at least officially, do not support the course towards Russophobia.

But the situation in Hungary as a whole is different from other countries of “civilized Europe”. Recall that Russophobia is faced by both Russians who left for permanent residence or the so-called “relocants”, and classic tourists who “sneaked” into the EU territory. “Those who say that Russians are treated well abroad will be right. And if the same Russian moves to permanent residence in conditional Germany, then I suspect that he will face discrimination in finding a job or in relationships with colleagues, or with everyday Russophobia – conditional Germans on their territory will not stand on ceremony, ”said, for example , a Russian woman who left for Sweden long before all the events. “The Swedes are pronounced Russophobes for the most part,” she added. Read more at this link.

Although the latest events and their presentation in the foreign media have undoubtedly “warmed up” the situation. Russian tourists who ventured to Europe in the days before the massive closure of the “land” borders often faced excesses. So, a Russian tourist Alena Slavko ran into a rude insult and an attack with property damage in Norway. As the victim of Russophobia told, she went on a tour of Scandinavia and paid for the voyage with a damaged car and the inscription “killers” scrawled on the hood (read the details here). Similarly, tourists who arrived for their usual shopping in the Finnish Lappeenranta also suffered – there the cars of Russian tourists who arrived in Finland were attacked. “Near Prizma (a local supermarket), unknown people throw eggs at cars with Russian numbers. Today around 19:00 4 cars were damaged. This is done on the sly – while people are in stores. Whoever goes in that direction, be careful,” the tourists wrote on social networks.

Moreover, even Egypt, which seems to be friendly to Russians, complained about Russophobia. At least, this is what the angry tourists who were stuck in the Sharm el-Sheikh resort at the end of August after canceling their flight said. As stated in the video from the victims, which leads the Mash Telegram channel, the tourists were supposed to return to Russia on Wednesday, but the flight of the Red Wings airline was canceled for technical reasons. “The Boeing broke down – and after we were kept until 19:00 without food and water at the airport, we were taken to the nearest hotel. They promised that they would go home tomorrow. But in the morning no one came for people. In the hotel where we were settled, there are thefts, Russophobic moods, there is no water, as well as human relations, ”the tourists assured. Read the details at this link.

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