Russian tourists began to be massively expelled from hotels in Turkey

Russian tourists began to be massively expelled from hotels in Turkey

Thousands of Russian tourists found themselves in a “sanction trap” in Turkish resorts and now cannot return home: many are not able to pay additional bills for accommodation/meals and use a return ticket due to sanctions and flight cancellations. Among them are travelers who came to rest in Turkey from Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities. However, now they were on the street, as the administration of a number of hotels said that there were no free rooms left for holidaymakers. According to the Turkish tourism media, the situation is becoming more tense every day because of this.

Despite the presence of documents valid from March 12 to March 25, the hotel authorities, under the pretext of evacuation, put Russian tourists outside the doors of their hotels. Now they have nowhere to go, because neither the hotel administration nor the travel companies help them, the publications noted. At the same time, hoteliers were not embarrassed by the fact that flights to Russia were postponed until March 25.

Tourists commented on their plight not only to Turkish, but also to Russian newspapers, wanting to publicize what had happened. According to them, the hotel managers told them that there were no rooms available in the hotel, so they should pack their things and leave their rooms.

According to some reports, they plan to stay in smaller hotels of a cheaper category. The hotel authorities have not made any statements about this.
The stories of thousands of Russian tourists stuck abroad are similar to each other. All of them cannot return home because of problems with air communication. Earlier, a representative of the Federal Tourism Agency said that through tour operators, all Russians will be able to return to the country in the coming weeks. But the process has dragged on, and the number of “victims” of Russians is growing every day.

Air sanctions and the danger of getting stuck in resorts do not scare other Russian tourists who are already ready to go on a package tour to Antalya on Superjet liners from the domestic airline Red Wings. Flights will start on March 17. For details, read the article “Moscow-Antalya flights begin despite sanctions.”

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