Russian tourists began to massively forge residence permits for the EU: in Finland, border guards clutched their heads

Russian tourists began massively forging residence permits for the EU: border guards grabbed their heads in Finland

The Finnish border guard said that the Russians began to massively forge a residence permit in the EU countries, as well as other stamps of immigration services. Moreover, they are mainly engaged in this in the North Caucasian District of Russia. Such a statement was presented by the local news agency Yle.

The mass character is as follows: at the moment, the border service is investigating the fact of forgery of 88 residence permit cards in the EU and other border stamps. In total, several hundred of them have been identified. “In 2022, nearly 350 fake seals were detected, many times more than in previous years,” Matti Pitkäniitti, spokesman for the Finnish Border Guard, told the agency. He also mentioned that most often documents and stamps were forged by residents of the North Caucasus region.

The main reason for “mass fraud” was the established rule on staying on a visa in the EU for no more than 90 days within six months with a multiple visa. To get around this obstacle, some Russians began to forge residence permits. However, we remind you that Finland does not let you in on a tourist visa.

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