Russian tourists flying from the resort came under depressurization, having suffered horror

Russian tourists flying from the resort came under depressurization, having suffered horror

The incident occurred on board the Rossiya airline, on which tourists were returning from Sochi to Krasnoyarsk. Almost on approach to Krasnoyarsk, the Boeing depressurized the cabin. The flight requested an emergency landing in Krasnoyarsk and landed safely. However, according to the passengers of the flight on social networks, some needed the help of doctors.

The details are as follows: the emergency occurred on the night of February 24th. The liner was at an altitude of 11,000 meters when the cabin was depressurized. The plane had to urgently descend and it requested an emergency landing already in the city of destination – in Krasnoyarsk. The landing itself was successful.

However, as they add in social networks, some tourists required medical assistance after landing. Moreover, tourists explain the reason for such slop. “Not everyone in the cabin had their oxygen masks fall out because the board is very old,” they write. In total, five passengers needed medical assistance.

Recall that the earlier alarming emergency with the aircraft was “recorded” abroad. In early February, Russian tourists were frightened when flying from Phuket: the smoke from under the wing of an Azur Air plane frightened everyone. Then the Azur Air liner, on which the tourists were supposed to fly to Moscow, remained “on the ground” due to technical problems. According to the Thai edition of Phuket News, it was about an engine fire, the tourists themselves talked about “smoke from under the wing of the plane”, as well as about a burst tire. Read more at this link.

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