Russian tourists found an alternative to Turkey, indicating where it is more profitable for them to fly

Russian tourists have found an alternative to Turkey, indicating where it is more profitable for them to fly

From an economic point of view, it is now more profitable for Russian tourists to fly to vacation in Venezuela than to the popular resorts of Turkey . Roman Frolenko, head of the Russian-Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce, voiced this alternative in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The official is confident that tourism from Russia to Venezuela is promising, but for this it is necessary to ensure a good flow of tourists, and only then invest in the development of culture and service. The main problem on the way is the lack of direct flights between the countries. At the moment, the Venezuelan airline Conviasa, as well as the Turkish carriers Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines, fly on the route only twice a month.

“If Russian companies flew to Venezuela, we could fill this market, and our tourists could fly safely. Today, it is more economically profitable to fly to Venezuela than to Turkey,” Roman Frolenko believes.

He also hopes to open offices of Venezuelan tour operators in Russia as soon as possible and notes: “The first task is to show the country from the real side, and not from the pages of the “yellow” press, where they say that this is the most criminal country on the continent. At the beginning of the year, the World Population Review portal published a rating of the most dangerous countries for tourists in the world, where Venezuela took the 1st place with a record rate of 83 crimes per 100,000 inhabitants. Russia in the same ranking is in 86th place with more than half the number of crimes, and Turkey is in 88th place.

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