Russian tourists in Hurghada put Polish provocateurs in their place

Russian tourists in Hurghada put Polish provocateurs in their place

The Poles, who already have a “dubious” reputation among Egyptian hotel workers, can get another “minus in karma”. As expected, politically motivated scandals are not liked in Egyptian resorts, and local authorities have warned everyone that unrest on this basis will be severely suppressed. Nevertheless, judging by the publication of the Polish podroze.onet, Polish media workers do not mind provoking Russian tourists into a political scandal. Sometimes they succeed, although for the most part Russian tourists in Hurghada are able to put Polish provocateurs in their place.

I must say, the columnist of the aforementioned Polish publication diligently pumps up the topic of “terrible Russians”. First of all, there are a lot of our tourists in Egypt, which in itself shocks the “oppressed” Poles. “Goosebumps ran down my spine when I noticed a Russian guy who was sunbathing on a sun lounger, looking at something on his phone and laughing at the top of his lungs. The second time I was disgusted when looking at the menu in one of the restaurants, where there was only Russian. There was not even a word in English. I've lost my appetite,” the “beautiful Polish woman” complains, expressing her regret that “everything is ready for the Russian tourist.”

She further stated that she tried to communicate with Russian tourists – of course, about politics, although she was “afraid of their reaction.” “The opportunity came on the beach when a couple of Russian tourists probably mistook me for a Russian. “Hi,” I heard as they approached me. I replied that I spoke English, but did not say where I was from, ”the on-duty tourist“ exchange of pleasantries ”followed, until the shocked Polish woman turned the conversation to politics. Here is a quote from the Polish media:

“I heard that many Russians fled the country after Putin announced a partial mobilization,” I said, and this was a bucket of fuel on the fire, my interlocutor boiled: “Are you can't you see that I'm on vacation now and not running around with a rifle? he yelled at me. However, I decided to continue the topic and explained that my Russian friend, who lives in St. Petersburg, posts photos and videos of protests every day. “You must be from Poland…”, the Russian tourist answered me. I nodded, “Keep believing these lies,” he concluded, and nervously left with his partner, ”said the columnist. According to her, after this dialogue, she tried to “avoid the Russians”, although it was terribly difficult for her. “I was in paradise, but I was disgusted,” the provocateur concludes her material.

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