Russian tourists in Israel reoriented to new places

Russian tourists in Israel have reoriented to new places

The lack of direct flights in the winter season of 2023 has led to the fact that Russian tourists in Israel have reoriented to new places. Having left the once sought-after Eilat, where a rare tourist will fly without direct transportation from Russia, Russian tourists are now choosing sightseeing tours, as well as Tel Aviv and Netanya. Market experts shared this information with ATOR.

At the same time, the Russians remained in the top 5 foreigners visiting Israel last year, experts say. True, at the moment we are in fourth place, having lost more than half – 52% of the pre-pandemic tourist flow. In total, almost 160 thousand of our tourists arrived in Israel in 2022. In the first four places, by the way, tourists from the US, France and the UK. At the same time, as ATOR notes, not all of the arrivals are classic tourists, often they are relatives of Israeli citizens.

A significant decline in demand, all market players explain the lack of transportation and high prices for air tickets, respectively. In the same Eilat, in pre-Covid times, charters subsidized by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism flew massively. At the moment, there are no direct flights to Eilat from Russia, they have not recovered since 2020. Red Wings flies to Tel Aviv (with a technical landing in Minvody) and Israeli EL AL, there are also flights from Minvody and Sochi. At the same time, for just one ticket from Moscow, you will have to pay about 40-45 thousand, from Sochi – 20-30 thousand. At the same time, a tour to Eilat without an all-inclusive flight will cost 142 thousand rubles. for two. As experts add, for such a price in other countries – such as Egypt or Sri Lanka – you can purchase a complete package, “and in not the cheapest hotels.”

As a result, there are very few applications for holidays in Eilat. The tour operator ICS Travel Group, which in the past worked closely in this direction, estimated that the share of bookings for arrivals in Eilat does not exceed 2%. The same figure was named by Lead Group and Russian Express. The problem is that you have to travel additionally to the resort – either on domestic flights from Tel Aviv or choose a ground transfer, which will take approximately 6.5 hours.

As a result, the Russian tourist “shifted” – hotels in Netanya or Tel Aviv were in the top – the same tour operator ICS Travel Group said that Netanya accounts for 36% of all bookings, Tel Aviv – 33% of applications, Jerusalem – 22%. The share of tours to the Dead Sea is only 7% of total sales. A similar structure of demand in the direction and other participants in the tourist market. LEAD GROUP, Russian Express and PAC Group clients demand tours with hotel accommodation in Tel Aviv and Netanya. The experts also noted that, on the one hand, the cost of ground services in Israel increased by about 15-20% compared to the “pre-Covid” times, however, “hotels in Israel are still loyal to the Russian market and are waiting for guests from Russia,” including offering discounts .

In general, experts named the following prices for sightseeing tours popular with tourists:

  • ICS Travel Group: a tour with a 3* connecting flight in the end of February from 163,000 rubles. for two,
  • PAX: sightseeing tour from 176 thousand rubles. for two,
  • PAC Group: tour with direct flight – from 440 thousand rubles. for two,
  • “lead the group”: from 94 thousand rubles. for two without air travel (5 days, 3*, breakfasts).

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