Russian tourists injured in Turkey: bus crashed into power lines

Russian tourists suffered in Turkey: bus crashed into power line

The bus – presumably with Russian tourists – had an accident and overturned in Antalya. Eleven tourists and the driver were injured, they were taken to hospitals, the lives of the victims are out of danger.

According to the details known at the moment, the accident occurred in the Chamyuva district of Kemer county. The driver of the bus carrying 13 tourists to the city of Demre lost control, drove off the road and crashed into a power line pylon and rolled over. Tourists were evacuated by ambulance to hospitals in the Kumluca and Finike districts. Their condition does not cause concern.
“The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Antalya is investigating the circumstances of the incident. We are checking the information, we are waiting for official information from the local authorities,” the Consulate General commented to TASS.

This year this is the first major emergency with our tourists in Antalya, of course, provided that the presence of Russians on this bus is confirmed. Recall the main accidents with Russian tourists last year:

  1. In the last days of October, an accident occurred on a section of the Manavgat-Antalya road near the village of Serik. The driver lost control – the tourist bus drove into the oncoming lane and rolled over several times. As a result of the accident, 8 Russian tourists were seriously injured, including two children who were seriously injured. Tourists claim that the driver fell asleep at the wheel.
  2. On August 2, at about 18:00, a tourist bus crashed on the Alanya-Antalya highway, transporting Russian tourists to the airport. As a result of a terrible accident, 3 Russians died, including a child, and 19 more were injured. The bus crashed into a concrete barrier, overturned and flew into the oncoming lane at the junction of the D-400 highway. According to the tour operator Intourist, there were 22 tourists from Russia on the bus, including 9 children. The transfer bus was heading to the airport, from where the tourists were supposed to take the evening flight ZF 6394 to Samara. Read the details here.
  3. At the end of June, five people were injured in Antalya when a tourist bus and a taxi collided. The incident occurred on Thursday evening at about 18:00, the travel agency's bus was traveling from Belek, and in the Serik region, it collided with a car that left a secondary road. Fortunately, the bus was not yet loaded and was only following the tourists.
  4. Last year's season also began with an emergency: in April, a major accident involving Russian tourists occurred in Turkey. One tourist died and 26 were injured. According to a representative of the Consulate General in Antalya, the accident occurred at 9:30 in the morning on the Konya-Aksara highway with a bus carrying tourists from the tour operator Pegas-Touristik on an excursion. “At about 9:30 am, a traffic accident occurred on the Konya-Aksaray highway involving a bus carrying a group of 32 Russian tourists to Cappadocia who were on vacation in Antalya through the Pegas Touristik tour operator,” the sources said. Read the details here.

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