Russian tourists liked to go to Turkey on a cruise: 3,358 Russians have already been delivered in three months

Russian tourists liked going to Turkey on a cruise: 3,358 Russians have already been delivered in three months

613 Russian tourists arrived on the Astoria Grande cruise liner, which moored for the fifth time in the Black Sea port of Amasra in the tourist province of Bartin. Our compatriots highly appreciated the previously not the most popular possibility of transportation. So, in three months, 3,358 travelers from the Russian Federation visited the resort town.

Not only beach holidays are now attracting Russian travelers. Sales statistics showed a high demand for cruise tours to the republic. Thus, the Astoria Grande cruise ship, 193 meters long and 30 meters wide, which departed from Russia four days ago, went to Istanbul for the first time, CNN Türk reported. Domestic tourists, who traveled around the Turkish city center in 2 days, again went to sea and headed to the north-west of Turkey.

On the morning of October 12, the ship, on board of which, in addition to passengers, there were 448 employees, moored in the port of Amasra – one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the Black Sea region of the republic.

According to the program, travelers visited the center of the coastal town of Amasra, as well as the historical center of Safranbolu with winding cobbled streets and high hills. The latter is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Then the sightseers set off along the Turkish Black Sea coast to Sinop and Trabzon.

The Astoria Grande cruise liner, which arrived in Amasra for the fifth time, brought 613 passengers during the “velvet season”. For comparison: in August there were 327 tourists, 779 during the second visit, 843 during the third and 796 travelers arrived on the fourth voyage.

In total, the vessel made 5 voyages in 3 months and has transported 3.358 passengers. According to the publication, four Russian women who previously came to Amasra as brides are now talking about historical places, helping professional guides on board.

Until the end of November, the cruise ship will make 6 more voyages to Amasra.

Help: Amasra is a small but charming tourist port city in northwestern Turkey. Thanks to the efforts of the Turkish authorities and the beautiful nature of the development of the Black Sea territories, it has become a popular coastal resort with good beaches. Amasra is also an ancient city in the historical region with a rich historical heritage. There are several attractions in the center. For example, a fortress standing on top of a cape.

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