Russian tourists officially explained the situation with the Turkish alternative to the MIR map

The situation with the Turkish alternative to the MIR map was officially explained to Russian tourists

Explanations on the Turkish alternative to the Mir map were announced to tourists by the Federal Tourism Agency. In short, the Turkish TROY card has not yet become this alternative – and will not be for a long time, since so far only foreigners who have been living in Turkey for a long time can get a card. Therefore, while the departments are “hard work”, and tourists are advised to travel the old fashioned way – with cash. Such advice was given in her Telegram channel by the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova.

“In connection with numerous media reports, I would like to clarify the situation with Turkish TROY cards. Indeed, this payment system, among other options, is considered as an alternative way to pay for purchases by our tourists in Turkey. However, our tourists are not yet able to issue a TROY card. This opportunity is provided only for foreigners residing in Turkey for a long time,” the head of Rostourism explained.

She also assured tourists that “possible ways to resolve issues with non-cash payment” are currently being worked out. Tourists were promised to be kept informed.

As for those who are going to Turkey at the moment, they will have to take care of cash. “Russian rubles can be exchanged for Turkish lira upon arrival in Turkey at the exchange points at the airport or in the city,” Ms. Doguzova also assured.

Recall that the TROY system is currently an internal payment system in Turkey, it provides credit cards, debit cards and is used as an electronic banking method that enables the movement of money between banks and businesses. The system has been approved by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and the Banking Supervision and Regulation Authority (BDDK) and has been in use since 2016. According to Turkish media, the possibility of “transferring” tourists to this system has already been discussed at a meeting of the central banks of Turkey and Russia in Kazan. Read more at this link.

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