Russian tourists on luxury islands slipped to 3rd place, and prices fell by 40%

Russian tourists on luxury islands have fallen to 3rd place, while prices have fallen by 40%

Russian tourists have fallen to third place in the total tourist flow to the Maldives, having lost the leadership “won back” over the years of the pandemic. The first and second places were taken by Indians and British tourists. However, Russian tourists have a chance to regain their leadership – as prices for luxury islands, especially in the regions, continue to fall. The decrease reached 40%.

In general, the Maldives, according to the latest statistics from the Ministry of Tourism of the country, received about 100 thousand tourists in May. While half of the planned volumes have not been reached, President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih, in his address on February 3, said that the Maldives intend to receive 1.6 million tourists this year.

. From January to May, 677,028 tourists arrived on the islands – the period from January 1 to May 24 was taken into account. This is an increase of 52.5% by 2021, but a decrease of 7% compared to the “pre-Covid” 2019. So far, March has shown the best result – then more than 150 thousand tourists arrived on the islands. Recall that a decline was recorded for Russian tourists in March, recovery began in April.

In May, the Maldives received 100,228 arrivals, which is 84.5% more than in 2021, and moreover, 22.4% more than pre-Covid 2019. The daily number of arrivals remains at an average of 4,702 people. The highest daily arrivals to date in April remain at 4,176.

“In the past, Russia has maintained its position as the main market for Maldivian tourism, but at the moment, India has again become the leading tourism market for the Maldives,” the Ministry of Tourism added. Thus, by May 24, Indian tourists accounted for 13.6% of the total number of arrivals. In second place are the British, whose share is 12.5%. Finally, Russia is in third place with a share of 9.5%.

Other top travel markets so far in 2022 include Germany 8.5%, Italy 6.6%, United States 4, 7%, France 4.1%, Switzerland 2.5%, Saudi Arabia 2.2% and Austria 1.9%.

However, Russian tourists have a chance to catch up on market share – the fact is that the cost holiday in the Maldives is falling, especially in the regions. For Ural tourists, for example, paradise islands have fallen in price by 40%, and this is a general trend. According to experts from the tourist market, the reason is that after the winter season, local hotels begin to reduce prices for accommodation. Prices for tours start from 174 thousand rubles for 7 nights – although this is the most budget option.

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