Russian tourists refuse “All Inclusive”

Russian tourists refuse All Inclusive

Russian tourists refuse from “All Inclusive” – ​​such a trend was noted by OneTwoTrip service experts, who assessed what type of food in hotels Russian tourists choose when planning holidays for the May holidays. As it turned out, even abroad, only 2.3% of tourists prefer the all-inclusive format, and only 0.4% of tourists chose All Inclusive from domestic tourists. True, it is worth noting that we are talking about independent bookings.

So, in terms of tours abroad, more than half of all tourists who booked a hotel, more precisely 52.8%, chose the type of food “breakfast”. In second place in terms of the total number – 43.8% accommodation without food at all. Only 2.3% of travelers chose the All Inclusive format, 1.0% – two meals a day, and 0.1% – half board (breakfast and lunch).

However, it is worth noting that we are talking mostly about tourists of “city” tours, judging by the most popular cities. Among them, Istanbul is in first place, where 9.9% of hotel reservations are made, followed by Minsk (5.8%), Yerevan (4.2%), Dubai (4.0%) and Paris (3.4%). At the same time, in Turkey, Armenia and the UAE, tourists choose breakfasts at the hotel, while in Belarus and France they prefer city food.

“Internal” tourists also prefer to eat outside the hotel. More than half – 54.1% – is the type of “no meals” and another 44.1% of customers chose accommodation with breakfast. The remaining options are in the minority: three meals a day were chosen by 0.8% of travelers, two meals a day – 0.6%, and the All Inclusive format – 0.4%.

In Russia, accommodation in St. Petersburg: the northern capital accounts for 20.2% of hotel orders, most often they book accommodation without food. In second place is Moscow, where 15.7% of travelers will go, followed by Sochi (10.3%) and Kaliningrad (4.9%). In these cities, tourists also prefer to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in cafes and do not include food in the reservation, but in Kazan, which closes the top five in the rating with a share of 4.7%, tourists mainly place orders with breakfast at the hotel.

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