Russian tourists revealed the secret on which days of the week the cheapest flights to Thailand

Russian tourists have been revealed the secret of which days of the week are the cheapest flights to Thailand

Actual “life hacks” for tourists, like the answer to the question on which days of the week the cheapest flights to Thailand were presented by the players of the travel market for ATOR experts. Russian tourists were also given advice on how to save money on hotels – and which dates are better not to choose for a trip, as prices will be higher and the rest less pleasant.

As far as tickets are concerned, advice was given on both regular flights and charters. According to the “regular season”, the experts of the Pax tour operator just listed which days of the week are more advantageous, and which tickets will be more expensive and most likely they will be taken apart. Experts point out that flights on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the last ones booked, these tickets stay longer and their prices are slightly more advantageous. On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the demand for tickets is significantly higher, respectively, and the minimum fares end very quickly. The same applies to return flights on Saturdays and Sundays. Tourists, whose time is not strictly limited, can consider options for connecting flights with a long connection to save money and use the stopover services offered by airlines – this allows you to combine two countries in one route, while the minimum amount will be spent on accommodation, meals and excursions in the transfer country .

As for charters, the expected advice from ANEX Tour was voiced here – if a tourist is easy-going and has a flexible schedule, it is most logical to go on a tour with the next departure. Sometimes, when there are last places left for a charter, the tour operator may give special offers, and lowering the price of a flight reduces the cost of the entire tour package.

For hotels, market experts provided the following useful tips and suggestions.

  • PEGAS Touristik notes the opportunity to save on meals – for a “meal regime” more than breakfast, hotels have promotions, and you can get breakfast + dinner for almost the same price as breakfast only. Moreover, some hotels allow you to change dinner for lunch.
  • Pax gives tourists a useful tip to check the dates of Thai and Chinese holidays so that they don't accidentally fall into them with their own vacation. Firstly, the prices for these dates are likely to rise, and secondly, there is a great chance to find yourself in a hotel crowded with celebrating tourists. Similarly, it is advisable to check the dates of local school holidays. Experts also advised to study the hotel's special offers before booking. This can include bonus nights and discounts, as well as small nice things like free massages or romantic dinners, bike rentals or Go Pro cameras. Another tip for those traveling with three or a child: you can save on an extra bed if you book a room in a hotel that initially provides two single or double beds. In such rooms, the third person in the room will not pay extra for extra. bed. Often these rooms are designated by the Family category. Also, when staying with children, many hotels provide free meals per child if parents book lunches or dinners in advance.
  • ANEX Tour advises organized tourists to keep in touch with their travel agent at all times. “Often, hotels and tour operators issue special offers for specific dates of arrival. These can be room or meal upgrades, price reductions for a specific booking period, etc.,” they explain. Also, as a life hack, which allows you to save money, tourists were advised to share Fortuna. “Its essence lies in the fact that when booking a hotel, tourists only know its level. The name of the hotel remains unknown. Booking a hotel in Fortuna allows you to save money,” Anex noted.
  • FUN&SUN also reminded tourists of the seasonality of the destination — according to their advice, a significant discount on accommodation will be provided if you book hotels at a the season is from April to October.

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