Russian tourists revealed the secrets of choosing a popular fruit in Egypt when buying

Russian tourists have been revealed the secrets of choosing a popular fruit in Egypt when buying

One of the most popular fruits among Russian tourists that compatriots bring home from Egypt is mango. In her Yandex.Zen channel, a Russian woman told how to buy ripe and juicy fruits of an exotic fruit.

“Egyptians grow about two million tons of mango every year. Demand for them is high and remains so until December. Therefore, mango is the second most important fruit for export from Egypt (after citrus),” she clarified and added that the Egyptians themselves also eat these sweet fruits in large portions. For them, this is an integral part of the diet.

Here are important tips and information on choosing a popular fruit:

  1. Buy mangoes from June to JanuaryThis is the ripening time of Egyptian fruits. As a rule, 3-5 varieties are presented on the shelves, which differ from each other in size, color, shape and taste.
  2. The most delicious mangoes in Egypt are brought to the shelves from the city of Ismailia. “This city is famous for the fact that huge crops are grown in its vicinity. The whole road from Ismailia is packed with mango sellers. Just like in Russia they sell buckets of apples on the highway, so they have mangoes,” a compatriot compared.
  3. Fruits with a flat stone and thin skinare small and yellow. They are the most fragrant and expensive. In addition, such mangoes can be eaten without peeling. Their cost is 2-3 times higher than the cost of other varieties.
  4. Green mangoes of the Kit variety are suitable for obtaining juice. Their flesh is yellow, moderately firm, without fibers. It is not particularly sweet, so sugar is often added to the juice. According to the Russian woman, compatriots love to buy this mango variety at home.
  5. The golden mean of all types of mangoes is Naomi. These fruits are yellow-red in color, large and juicy. “Now the price for them is from 15 pounds (46 rubles at the current exchange rate) in the market, up to 25 (78 rubles) in the center of Hurghada,” the author said.

Finally, the Russian woman said that from mangoes, like other fruits, make fresh juices, smoothies and sell them in plastic containers. However, she warned that you should not abuse such juices – a maximum of 1 glass per day.

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