Russian tourists rushed to the New Year in an unexpected direction: hotel rooms are rapidly running out

Russian tourists rushed to the New Year in an unexpected direction: hotel rooms are rapidly running out

Russian tourists are ready to celebrate the New Year year in an unexpected direction, and the demand there is so high that places in local hotels for the New Year are already running out. We are talking about Dagestan, where earlier on the New Year there was no increase in demand for tours. Moreover, now charters are also in demand there, tour operators assure.

In general, according to the forecasts of the authorities of Dagestan, by the end of 2022, the republic will receive more than 2 million tourists, which is twice as high as in 2021. In the summer season 2022, sales increased from 25% to 50%, while the lack of placements has already affected.

The winter range of tours, according to ATOR, has also expanded. First of all, experts mention the charter chain, which FUN & SUN puts in Dagestan for the first time in the winter season. According to the tour operator, the tour provides “an opportunity to relax on the coast of the Caspian Sea, get to know Derbent, see the Sarykum dune and Sulak Canyon in winter colors, and also swim in the hot springs of Akhta.” And there is demand: a charter flight with a departure on December 30 is practically loaded, there are still places left for arrival on January 4.

I fix the growth in demand for almost all tour operators working in the direction, and these are specialized tour operators specializing in domestic tourism, and big players like Intourist or Anex. It is according to Intourist that the occupancy of Dagestan hotels for the New Year holidays is already 85%.

Basically, the new year is excursion tours lasting 4-5 days. Such a tour for 4 days/3 nights will cost 45-50 thousand rubles. for two, not counting the road.

At the same time, tour operators immediately warned of a possible shortage of places for the summer season as well – many have already launched early booking programs. For example, FUN&SUN for the May holidays published a charter program to Dagestan from Moscow and St. Petersburg (3 arrivals), as well as charter tours with a flight from Moscow, starting from June 3rd. The cost of package tours on charters for May dates with a departure from Moscow (5 days/4 nights) starts from 62 thousand rubles. for two, from St. Petersburg – from 68 thousand rubles. for two.

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