Russian tourists rushed to their favorite European country despite the sanctions

Russian tourists rushed to their beloved European country despite sanctions

The number of Russian tourists in Spain, at least judging by the number of visas issued there, has tripled despite all the sanctions, including the ban on flights from Russia the weight. This statistic was provided by the Western news agency Bloomberg, citing data from the Spanish Foreign Ministry.

In numbers, it looks like this: the number of short-stay Schengen visas issued by Spain to Russian citizens this year has almost tripled compared to last year. As a result, the numbers reach almost 110 thousand – more precisely 108'862. How many of them are “clean” tourists and what are the reasons for the increase in the department did not comment.

Although the number of visas is below the dock level and pre-sanction level, the jump is obvious. Moreover, as the agency notes, citing sources in the diplomatic environment, the attempt of some countries to “close” Russia completely, meaning the ban on the entry of Russians into countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic states and Finland, only benefited other states, very “carefully” supporting anti-Russian sanctions. Including in the matter of receiving Russian tourists – some of them may be redirected to Western Europe, which is in no hurry to close the visa issue categorically.

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