Russian tourists stuck in popular tropical country have their visas extended

Visas have been extended for Russian tourists stuck in the popular tropical country

Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine.

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Sri Lanka, cited by local media, on February 28, 2022, the agency agreed to extend tourist visas issued to Russian and Ukrainian travelers for a period of two months. But since the crisis between the two countries has not yet subsided, officials again extended the visa period for Ukrainian and Russian tourists on the resort island so that they could continue to legally stay in Sri Lanka. Visas that expired before February 28, 2022 have been extended for another month, until May 22, 2022. Based on the data released by the authorities as of March 1 this year, the visa extension will affect 11,463 Russian and 3,993 Ukrainian tourists currently on the island.

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