Russian tourists surprised the authorities of Abu Dhabi

Russians tourists surprised the authorities of Abu Dhabi

“The colossal increase in the number of Russians” arriving on vacation surprised the authorities of Abu Dhabi. According to data provided by the UAE press, 14,000 Russians booked accommodation in the emirate's hotels in February, which is as much as 157% more than last year. As a result, Russia has become the fourth largest tourist market in the capital of the UAE.

Experts also note that Russian tourists stay in Abu Dhabi longer than any other. Their average length of stay is four nights. And basically – it's only 2.1 nights. At the same time, from February to the present, the number of guests from Russia in hotels has increased by 177%, up to 30,000 people.

Overall, the Abu Dhabi hotel market as a whole hosted 376,000 guests in a month, up 39%. The average load was 77%. The income of the emirate's hotels for the month amounted to 610 million dirhams.

Recall that the number of Russians in Dubai is growing in a similar way – they are already in second place there. In January 2023, 115,000 Russian visitors visited the emirate, which is 63% more than in 2022, when there were 70,000 of them. Only tourists from India overtook ours – there are 186,000 visits during the month.

< p> Increasing, by the way, the number of tourists from Russia and other neighboring countries. In Oman alone, the number of our tourists increased by 204%.

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