Russian tourists told how they trade Russian chocolate purchased by the Chinese on the Malay market

Russian tourists told how they trade Russian chocolate purchased by the Chinese on the Malay market

A Russian tourist traded on a market in Malaysia Russian-Belarusian chocolate, which was bought by the Chinese, and was surprised by its profit. She told the details in her blog on Yandex.Zen.

A traveler living free with a Chinese family in Malaysia found out that her new, enterprising acquaintances were ordering this chocolate from China and selling it in Malaysia. According to the calculations, the family decided that they could also make good money on this product.

A compatriot who had not been at home for a long time said that she had once seen such a tile in domestic stores for 29 rubles, bought, but not impressed with the taste. “And then, after so many years, we met with him again, only on the other side of the world. The Chinese ordered it from China (from there), and there are two languages ​​on the back wrapper: Russian and Chinese,” she clarified and added that this time she liked the taste of the confectionery.

At first, the merchant sold his goods via the Internet, but things went poorly. “Apparently, Malaysia really does not need chocolate products, there is enough of its goodness here: Milka of all flavors, toblerone, snickers, twixies, and, unlike Russia, everything here is much cheaper,” the blogger said, noting that she decided help your Chinese acquaintances “share off this chocolate at the bazaar”.

“Imagine what we came up with: Russian-Belarusian chocolate among the Malays, and two more Russian guests. We thought that they would not let us pass, we would fight off the crowd … There was a crowd, but from the Chinese. They took chocolate very well. All subsequent days, buyers went through word of mouth, they already came specifically to look at us, and to buy chocolates. So our plan worked! she exclaimed.

As for prices, they sold Belarusian chocolate for 150 rubles. We are probably talking about the products of the Kommunarka brand. “The rest of the chocolates were sold at 180 and 225 rubles,” the tourist said. As a result, all the chocolate was sold. The main buyers are the Chinese, not the locals, “who, of course, looked askance, but did not take anything.” “But we had enough Chinese buyers, we made good money on them. 2,000 thousand in a couple of hours – class … This went on for five days, ”the girl summed up, delighted with her share.

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