Russian tourists told one reason why they are deceived in Turkey

Russian tourists were told one reason why they are being deceived in Turkey

If in Turkey, in shops, markets and cafes/canteens, tourists do not specify the cost of goods or dishes, they will almost certainly be fooled. “If you want to be deceived in Turkey, don’t ask the price,” such bad advice was given by a Russian traveler who made this mistake more than once during her 20 days in the republic.

She is on the Yandex.Zen channel She said that vacationers get used to low prices and relax. But in vain. “… you already know approximately how much it costs and you go to the cashier. And in the end you pay, as in Europe. Especially often they do this in canteens in tourist places, ”she shared. In addition, the girl said that her friends also faced a similar trick. The sellers' logic is as follows: if you didn't ask the price, then it doesn't matter how much it costs.

The Russian woman told about another popular practice in Turkish establishments. This menu is without prices. “You ask the price and in the end you hear: “Uh… well… that’s two hundred lira, and that’s… nuuuu… 250…”, the traveler gave an example and noted that cunning Turks are not ashamed of coming up with prices on the go.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “Russian tourists are starting to be taken to Turkey on a cruise ship.”

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