Russian tourists want to lay in the cost of visas “Ukrainian recovery fee”

“Pay an additional fee and go to Rome, or avoid the fee and relax in Minsk” – such a choice can be put before Russian tourists who remain true to European routes. At least, this choice, according to the Baza telegram channel, was proposed by the Yermak-McFaul international group, which is developing anti-Russian sanctions. Moreover, it was proposed to collect the fee “for the restoration of Ukraine.”

“A group of experts has published new initiatives to tighten sanctions against Russia. Among them was a recommendation to introduce a special fee for the restoration of Ukraine – it is proposed to charge Russians when applying for European visas. The group also called for the development of a mechanism for lifting sanctions against officials and oligarchs, but only with “proper behavior,” the channel's experts quote. It goes without saying that full support for the anti-Russian program is called “proper behavior”. Thus, it is proposed to add a fee to all visas issued to Russian citizens traveling to Europe and other countries that are members of the “sanctions coalition”.

What, however, is not surprising: the Yermak-McFaul group, formed on the initiative of Vladimir Zelensky, is developing sanctions against Russia and Belarus. It is led by the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak and ex-US national security adviser Michael McFaul.

It should be noted that not so long ago, Russian tour operators recorded an increase in demand for European routes, primarily to Italy and Greece. Whether these measures will be taken and whether the “elite” Russians, who are ready to travel to familiar Europe at any cost, will agree to them is a question.

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