Russian tourists were stunned: an event occurred due to which prices for tours in Russia will rush up

Russian tourists were stunned: an event has occurred due to which prices for tours in Russia will rush up< /p>The next sanctions against Russian banks can turn into sad consequences for tourists: prices for tours in Russia will again rush up. This is how Russian tourists were taken aback by the experts of the tourism market. Nevertheless, tourists are urged not to panic – for a year under sanctions, tour operators have established “bypass routes” and price increases will most likely not be fatal, although problems cannot be avoided. This was stated in an interview with RIA Novosti by Arthur Muradyan, CEO of the tour operator Space Travel.

Experts recalled that the next package of sanctions included new restrictions against Russian banks. The US imposed sanctions on the banks Uralsib, St. Petersburg, Zenit and MTS-Bank, and the EU on Rosbank, Alfa-Bank and Tinkoff. Also, problems will arise with Union Pay cards, the expert noted.

“The pressure that is being exerted on the Russian banking sector, first of all, will affect ordinary citizens, including tourists. For example, Union Pay cards, which many people were so eager to acquire, will cease to be valid in a number of countries where tourists preferred to fly without cash,” Artur Muradyan explained. He noted that if “to look at this whole situation pragmatically”, then payments abroad, especially to Arab countries, have practically stopped. “In fact, with the exception of one option, all the others, one way or another, ended up under Western sanctions,” the expert explained.

According to his assessment, this cannot but affect prices for the end consumer, i.e. . tourist. “According to my forecast, the situation may worsen by the summer and affect the final cost of the tourism product. Apparently, further price increases cannot be avoided,” said Artur Muradyan.

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However, he urged tourists not to panic, recalling that during the year of the “sanctions attack”, the Russian tourist industry has shown a certain resilience and resourcefulness. “Most tour operators have already formed their own payment channels through Turkey, the Middle East and Kazakhstan. This indicates a certain level of stability, and tourists should not panic,” the expert summed up.

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