Russian tourists were told prices in rubles for exotic fruits in Antalya and advised not to go to Thailand for them

Russian tourists were told prices in rubles for exotic fruits in Antalya and advised do not follow them to Thailand

“You can no longer go to Thailand,” a professional Russian traveler said in her Yandex.Zen channel, talking about exotic fruits, primarily mango and papaya. Gardeners in Turkey have begun to grow exotic crops on an industrial scale and sell edible curiosities in the republic at higher prices than in Asian countries.

“Exotics have appeared in the bazaars of Alanya! Everything is exclusively local, and therefore so valuable. Farmers have managed to grow even the most “capricious” fruits, which usually do not survive outside the tropics. I tell you what curiosities you can now buy and try in Turkey. All this is grown without chemicals and is not treated with paraffin for long-term storage – fresh, straight from the plantations! – the compatriot noted joyfully.

The desire to develop the Mediterranean market and an irresistible passion to compete with tropical countries from where tourists, including Russians, massively bring exotic fruits home, prompted Turkish gardeners to experiment with new cultures.

The flagship in the cultivation of heat-loving crops in Turkey was the city of Gazipasa, previously known to travelers by its close proximity to Alanya (Antalya province) and the presence of an airport. According to the Russian woman, the farmers planted mango and papaya for the sake of the experiment. “They worked hard for the trees to take root and create a “little Asia” in their greenhouses. And now it's all scaled up. Something is grown in Alanya itself. Today, any tourist can buy tropical fruits in Turkey, and the assortment is already impressive,” the blogger clarified.

What are the prices for fruits?

  1. Longan — 1150 rubles/kg. “Fruit on twigs with gray-brown skin. It tastes like grapes with sourness, the consistency is dense white jelly, ”this is how the Russian woman described the taste and appearance of Asian fruits grown in Turkey.
  2. Blackberry – 100 rubles/200 gr.
  3. < li> Seedless pomegranate — 100 rubles/kg. “It looks ugly, because inside the grains are white and pink, and the peel is completely dirty gray. But it is very tasty!” she explained.

  4. Mango – about 500 rubles/kg. Very sweet, juicy and tender. Its taste reminded the girl of a sweet peach with hints of strawberry.
  5. Carambola — 60 rubles/pc. “A crunchy fruit with a bright acidity and a slightly watery texture. When cut, beautiful stars are obtained from it, ”added the author.
  6. Kivano (“horned melon”) – 160 rubles/piece. It is an orange-skinned fruit with mild thorns that looks like a green passion fruit or pomegranate inside. It tastes like the mentioned fruits.
  7. Dragonfruit – 160 rubles/pc. The fruit belongs to the cactus family, has a tender core and soft edible seeds. It tastes like kiwi and strawberries.
  8. Coconut – 160 rubles/piece. On the shelves of Turkey, it is presented not in a soft green shell, as in Thailand and Vietnam, but in a dense brown one, like in Russia. The pulp is tender, and there is a lot of coconut water in the fruits.
  9. Papaya – 330 rubles/kg. “It tastes like a very sweet boiled carrot with strawberry flavor,” a tourist described the taste of the fruit.
  10. Avocado – 40 rubles/pc. It differs in taste from that to which the Russians are accustomed. According to the traveler, in Turkey it is denser and nuttier.

“All this variety is complemented by local oranges and grapefruits, peaches and nectarines, watermelons and strawberries, plums and grapes, apples and pears and much more other. I like classic rather than tropical fruits. For me, a juicy peach is much tastier than an outlandish longan. But if you do not have the opportunity to fly to Asia, or you just love exotic fruits, Turkey will be a real find for you. Walk through the fruit market in Alanya and find all the fun! Local tropical fruits do not lose their vitamins and taste, as they are not treated with chemicals for transportation to the other side of the world,” the author concluded.

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