Russian tourists were told what they are supposed to be on All Inclusive in hotels in Russia

Russian tourists were told that they are entitled to All Inclusive in Russian hotels

Details about what is supposed to be for tourists in Russian hotels on All Inclusive were conveyed to vacationers by Rosstandart. The agency denied a recent statement that some hotels will refuse to serve drinks, primarily alcoholic drinks, to tourists as part of the all-inclusive. The department warned hotels that the standards for “all inclusive and ultra all inclusive accommodation services” are the same throughout the country, they have already been prepared and the document will come into force on June 30, 2023. Among other things, it stipulates that locally produced alcoholic drinks should be served for lunch and dinner in Russian hotels on an all-inclusive basis in unlimited quantities.

“According to accepted standards, all hotels in the country applying for work on the all-inclusive system will be required to offer unlimited local drinks in an open buffet for lunch and dinner, as well as in an additional dining area. Among these drinks, at least one type of beer, at least one type of dry/semi-sweet red and white wine, at least three types of strong alcohol and at least two types and cocktails based on it,” Rosstandart said. They also clarified that five-star all-inclusive hotels are also required to offer unlimited wine for breakfast.

For food, all-inclusive hotels will be required to offer a new food menu and drinks buffet more than once a week. According to Rosstandart, breakfast “serves dry cereals, muesli, fish and meat gastronomy, vegetables, fruits, salads and salad dressings, pancakes, pancakes, pies, etc.” Tourists should also be offered a variety of egg products, various cheeses, dairy products and confectionery. For lunch, the “standard” includes 8-10 cold appetizers, at least 2-3 types of soup and 4-6 types of second courses, as well as desserts, fruits and bakery products. In addition, there must be a children's menu. Ultra All Inclusive hotels will also be required to offer a vegetarian menu in addition to these requirements.

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