Russian tourists were told where else you can buy a cheap tour for the New Year

Russian tourists were told where else they can buy cheap tours for the New Year

Tourists still have the opportunity to buy a tour for the New Year. This was stated in an interview with Sputnik by Vice President of the Alliance of Travel Agencies (ATA) Alexan Mkrtchyan. At the same time, among the destinations, the expert named such a popular destination as the resorts of Egypt, as well as domestic Russian resorts – though those that suffered due to complex logistics. He also reassured tourists that New Year's sales are also still possible.

“Crimean hotels have now sharply reduced prices, there is a massive sale, and even now you can find accommodation for the New Year for two to three thousand rubles a day on two,” the expert noted. Moscow has become another such destination for tourists – hotels for 3-4 thousand per day for two are still in sufficient quantity.

The expert reminded “outbound” tourists about Egypt – the prices are still quite reasonable. “You can still manage to buy a tour to Egypt for quite reasonable money, for about 100 thousand rubles for two,” Alexander Mkrtchyan said, adding that we are talking about tours from Moscow.

Another good news for tourists , which the expert said – there is still hope for New Year's sales and last-minute tours for those who will gather at the very last moment. According to his forecasts, Ossetia and Dagestan will “burn” across Russia. Among foreign destinations, sales of tours to Antalya and Istanbul are likely, and Egypt will continue to “burn”. Links are expected at 20-30% depending on the destination.

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